Seinfeld – Trailer “George”


A Tour Of The World In 80 Seconds

A tour of the world in 80 seconds. Directed by Romain Pergeaux & Alex Profit. A project done in only 3 weeks.
Our tour included stops in London – Cairo – Mumbay – Hong Kong – Tokyo – San Francisco – New York – London. This route is a tribute to the famous Jules Verne’s book “Le tour du monde en 80 jours”.

Lexus AWD Hybrid Bike

Lexus has been drastically improving its designs for the past few years now, evolving from tricked-out Toyota and outdated Mercedes clone to having its own, relatively unique lines throughout its model range. Now, Lexus wants to do the same thing for bikes with its Hybrid Bicycle.

Having first shown up at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus brought one of two examples to the UK for the Lexus-sponsored Great British Bike Ride.

Just a quick recap: The LH-B’s body is made of carbon fiber, and it has an 8-speed electric gearbox. Not only that, but a 240 Watt motor powers the front wheel while the rider pedals the rear. Power comes from a 25.9 volt Lithium Ion battery, and the motor has two settings: Eco and Power. It even has regenerative braking.

“All-wheel-drive” comes in the form of a belt-run mechanism. Unfortunately, Lexus probably isn’t gong to build this quirky new form of bicycle.

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