Lego Characters

Amazing character built out of Legos by Angus MacClane. From your favorite caped crusader to your favorite tv star. MacClane’s creations include characters from The Tick, the Super Friends, Star Wars, and even the Big Lebowski. Check out MacClane’s Flickr page to see the rest of his creations. Truly amazing stuff.

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11 Year Old Hoop Phenom

Ladies and gentlemen, remember the name Damon Harge… Damon Harge just began the 6th grade at Modesto Christian and as you are about to see he is going to be the TRUTH out there… This past summer after a dominant performance at the Adidas Phenom Camp (including a camp record-setting 50-point game), Damon came away as the #1 ranked 6th grader in the nation… Take a look at the workout this KID is doing already… Insane Handles… Saw it here first….

Painting On Water

At first what sounds like a person struggling to play the flute music kind of tripped me out and I was wondering what this guy was trying to do. But once he started with the blue dots and the red inside of them my jaw was dropped. It gets WAYYY crazier as the video continues. Lets be real, those aren’t your ordinary paint brushes he’s using. This looks super fun!

Chameleon Pen

The real world is full of some of the most vibrant, beautiful colors imaginable. Artists can recreate just about all of those colors with the right tools, but what if you’re not an artist, want to sketch something quickly, or you don’t have a full set of colors with you? The Color Picker, a fabulously fanciful concept from designer Jinsun Park, could be the answer.

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