With the holidays almost over, the only thing left to do is bring in the New Year.  My first goal of the new year is to change up the blog and give it a more structured look.  A big thank you to everyone that has passed thru.  Happy New Years!!!


Cool Grey Family

December 23rd, I’ve had this day circled on my calendar for a long time.  Today the  Jordan “Cool Grey” XI’s dropped and the anticipation behind this shoe can only rival the Space Jams that dropped last year.  Unfortunately I was in Australia when the Space Jams dropped and even there the stores I visited sold out of its stock within the first hour.  I was not to be denied this year and pre-ordered a pair of cool greys from the UK and snagged a second pair online.  What a nice Christmas present to myself….

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Green Trace

Green Trace is the name of this unique project by Designer Junjie Zhang. A flat umbrella stand comes fitted with mesh and some pre-sowed seeds; during the rainy season, rain from the umbrella slips into the meshes of the Green Trace, and the plants will grow particularly well right where you’ll rest the umbrella most frequently.  With all this rain the bay area has been getting these past few weeks this is an interesting concept.