Lil Wayne Concert @ Shoreline

As the summer comes to an end what better way to enjoy it but to watch “The Greatest Rapper Alive.”  This is my second time seeing Wayne perform and unfortunately this time left me expecting a lot more.  Wayne performed a lot of his old hits from “No Ceilings” and “Tha Carter III” but failed to perform any new songs from “Tha Carter IV” (How to Love was the only song he  performed).  Less singing more rapping.  Highlight of the night was seeing Birdman come out and perform a few songs.  Hit the jump to see some pics and video…

Gotta arrive early if you want to claim a good spot on the lawn but this was kind of ridiculous.  You know the turnout was going to be bad when security was asking if you want to upgrade your seat for $20.

Don’t you hate when they take your drinking caps away from you???  Problem solved….

Why pay for food when you can bring in your own.  Clogging those arteries with some Korean friend chicken.

The show begins…  Keri was the first one out the gates and for good reason.  Not a fan of her music.

Rick Ross’s intro.  If you listen closely you can hear my friends debate what size his white tee is.

Probably his best song of the night.  Everyday I’m hustlin.

Young mula baby.

Next concert on the schedule.


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