Extreme sports “Rollerman” Jean Yves Blondeau blasting high speed on mountain roads!


Jay-Z and Kanye West “Watch The Throne” Comes to San Jose

Where do I begin when talking about the performances of Jay-Z and Kanye West for the “Watch The Throne Tour” in San Jose at the HP Pavilion.  I have been going to shows for years and I can say that this concert was best that I have ever been to.  The two-hour plus show represented nothing less than a milestone in music history with hits after hits from two living legends.  Do yourself a favor and click the following link to view my attempt to capture the moment with pictures and videos (LINK).

Most Expensive Quad-Bike

It may looks impressive! But the world’s most expensive quad bike can’t even be driven on the road. Manufacturers Lazareth say that the Wazuma V8 is so powerful it is purely a track-only vehicle. It features a 250bhp 30L V8 Ferrari engine and BMW M3 handlebars with the “6 speed sequential gearbox controlled from the handlebars”. The Wazuma V8 has a top speed of 241km/h. The red hued 2011 dated off-roading bike can be yours for a staggering €200,000 ($265,000).

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