Iron Man Iron

Let me borrow that Iron, Man…


Moody Watches

Moody Watches from Campaigns & Grey, a campaign meant to fight depression and that was awarded an award at Adobo Design Awards 2012. Campaigns & Grey partnered with the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (NGF; an establishment to promote awareness and better understanding of depression as a medical condition) for this campaign.

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Leap 3-D Gesture Control

Leap Motion has created a new device, called the Leap. It is an 8 cubic feet space in front of your computer, once connected to your computer via USB, it creates a four-cubic-foot virtual workspace. It claims is 200 times more accurate than existing technology and will take gesture controls to the next level. Check out the video!
“Leap can distinguish your individual fingers and track your movements down to a 1/100th of a millimetre”
“For the first time, you can control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements”
The Leap is $70, and a select few can pre-order them now, with the full roll-out coming this winter.