Vault of the Formula for Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has enlisted the help of advertising agency Second Story Interactive Studio to craft an innovative and hands-on learning experience befitting of the highly secretive recipe. In this video, you can see how the new exhibition is built around a massive vault containing stories, games, and installations allowing participants to directly interact with the mysticism surrounding the legendary formula.  The formula had been held at SunTrust Bank in Atlanta since 1925.


Daft Coke

From Trendland : “An ultra-limited edition with only 20 sets (signed) for this second collaboration between Daft Punk and Coca Cola.”
This time it’s featuring the Daft Punk custom caps and a set of limited bottles featuring flashy 925 silver and 18k gold logo branding.
The helmet-inspired bottles and packaging was designed by Daft Punk and the set is available for sale at
Available only in Europe.

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